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S5:ConnorPrentiss,CM 2 by BrillianceoftheMoon S5:ConnorPrentiss,CM 2 by BrillianceoftheMoon
Criminal Minds Crossover

We know Emily had an abortion when she was 15 in Italy- but what if she had the baby and gave birth to a boy which she named Connor and then was put up for adoption. The adoptive parents kept Emily informed of Connor's life and told Connor about his birth Mom but what happens when Connor participates in a program which has him study in America for a year- and to make this easier the 17 year old stays with his Mom in Quantico? How will this change things?

This idea would need to be set before the episode Demonology (maybe some kind of confrontation with John Cooley who could be Connor's Father could happen during this episode)- also Connor speaks Italian and English and has met Emily before since she does have contact with this- he calls her Mom at times. He understands why she gave him up but does not resent her because she maintained contact. Also a possible way to bring the supernatural world in could be to have Connor's adoptive parents as Watcher's for the new council- witches in a coven in Italy- or even working for Wolfram and Hart (it would make sense W&H wanted to keep him close but out of Angel's reach) but they can't be evil if they do work for W&H- something like a Liaison with another firm. By doing this it would mean that Connor would have had support with his abilities.
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May 16, 2011
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